The Great Disc

disco big copia

The Museum's emblem is 'The Great Disc'.

The project, based on an initial idea by Luciano Caruso, discussed at length with Mario Parentela and Elio Furina, after an initial prototype made at the Bivongi ceramics workshop, makes use of the graphic contribution of 18 artists in the painting-writing area invited by Luciano Caruso.

The work, made of terracotta (semi-refractory) by Cesare Sartori (with the contribution of Elio Furina) at the Ceramiche Sartori workshop in Nove (Vicenza), consists of 30 terracotta tiles arranged in a false spiral to form a disc 3 metres in diameter.

The "open spiral" composition leaves room for the addition of further contributions from those who wish to join in, expanding the base of the great worldwide artistic community, in the realisation of a never-ending work...

Graphic contributions               Terracotta forms