History and Board of Directors



AM International, formally constituted in 1987 as a cultural association, opens the "Pinacoteca" in 1988 with the start of utopias-show in progress and soon characterizes as a meeting point and comparison between authors of different cultural education and origin.

Thanks to the farsightedness of the "founder" Angelina Melia, but also to the generosity of numerous artists who have actively contributed to the growth of the heritage of the collection of works of art, is formed as a Museum of Contemporary Art AM (Acronym Macam), today Appreciated as a laboratory museum, a place of conservation and use of works of art inspired by the indications of the ICOM code of Ethics. A unicum that offers the opportunity to be able to combine the exhibition activity to the study and research activity; to dialogue with the work of art and appopy, directly with the authors, the themes of the contemporary socio-cultural debate.

Since 1994 AM International publishes and distributes the quarterly periodic artflower and, thanks to the collaboration of eminent researchers, also develops a publishing line (International AM Editions) for the publication of essays also in the scientific and philosophical sector.

About Us - Organizational Structure

The articulated museum system is responsible for the board of directors and, in addition to the conservation, study and enhancement of assets, offers an extraordinary collection of cultural services declined in different aspects and themes: research, training, creativity, protection, disclosure, teaching, communication. ...

From an organizational point of view, the association has a typically corporate model with a central service area and a museum activity area. The programming and operations of the structures depend on the indications of the Government Bodies and in particular the Board of Directors and the President. This organization guarantees an efficient coordination of the activities, simplifies the flow of information and allows to better preside the areas of conservation and enhancement of the artistic heritage.

Board of Directors:

Elio Furina, president

Desolino Verdiglione, Vice-President

Pasquale Valenti, Secretary

Scientific sector:

Director of the Museum - Arch. Anna Russo

Teaching section: Dr. Giulia Murace

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The headquarters is in Via Enrico Fermi 10 by Bivongi (RC), with direct entry to the exhibition space on the ground floor of the building located in Via Xxiv May 35/37, on the Provincial Liaison Road Bivongi - Pazzano, which joins State Road 110 (Monasterace - Stilo - Serra San Bruno).

The place is Bivongi, a country in the hinterland on the Jonico side, at the north-eastern end of the Province of Reggio Calabria. It is reached along by 18 km. The State Road 110 which develops from Monasterace to Serra San Bruno. A territory known as the Byzantine valley of the Stilare which is proposed to visitors for its remarkable and interesting offers of historical, archaeological, religious and landscape itineraries.



The building is a service building used for the exposure of works of art, the first headquarters of the Pinacoteca Am International, then received a constitutive act of the Elio Furina Foundation at the end of 2008, for which public fruition has never been interrupted.It consists of a three-level construction above ground consisting of a museum space of 500 square meters, a short space of approx. 170, terrace sqm. 76, balcony sqm. 7

The exhibition space is located on the ground floor of the building with entrance in via XXIV Maggio. At the same level: concultation room catalogs and magazines, listening sound recordings, reception and bar service, bookshop, wardrobe.From the provincial road floor, along the ramp in Via San Ponente, leads to the terrace of the first floor where the offices are located, the library, the audience-room projects, the laboratory-gallery.

All rooms are equipped with closed circuit cameras.