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In fact, years before the founding of the cultural association, the founder Angelina Melia had made available her home and the family library, where she organised cycles of conferences and debates on various topics of interest. She invited artists, historians, men of letters and architects, with the intention of offering opportunities and tools for discussion and stimulation, with particular regard to the younger generation. Convinced as she was that a series of projects and proposals could help them equip themselves with the tools necessary for their training and suitable for triggering processes of transformation and reorganisation aimed at enhancing and enriching the cultural heritage of the area, but above all to break the isolation in which they found themselves and foster a better understanding of society in continuous transformation. With the collaboration of other members, the founder initiated the first steps of The Walkie Talkie Club which, in addition to lectures, also organised English language courses. 


Subsequently, in 1987, the association officially established the Cultural Association AM international (acronym for multicultural activities), which, thanks to an intense programme of events supported by its own resources, as well as contributions from public bodies, in 1990 AM international obtained recognition of the socio-cultural importance of the initiatives promoted and carried out by the "Pinacoteca", which was increasingly characterised as a meeting place for artists of different origins and cultural backgrounds.

At present the Library has a collection of books, exhibition catalogues, magazines and documents which, thanks to its own production and above all to the considerable donations received, form the corpus of the Library available to users in general.