Angelina Melia Fund

The book collection of the founder Angelina Melia, formed on the basis of her own sensitivity and the needs of her family, and made available to members and enthusiastic patrons of AM International, can be considered of general interest as it contains volumes, series and encyclopaedias that cover a wide range of subjects and topics and can also attract the attention of younger readers. Hundreds of novels belong to this library, including complete series for young people as well as numerous poetry books by well-known authors.

Following her passion for art, AM's founder Angelina Melia has enriched her collection with beautiful Encyclopaedias on the Art Treasures of the World and various art catalogues of local, national and international artists.

Besides the general, historical and artistic Encyclopaedias in the Library there are also Religious Encyclopaedias and the famous illustrated "Codex Atlanticus" by Leonardo da Vinci.

Francesco Petrarch's "Rerum Vulgarium Fragmenta" is one of the valuable limited editions. Worthy of note are the numerous books on history, geography, culture and local customs (such as the rare and unobtainable "Ai Fieri Calabresi, L'Europa in Calabria" by Augusto Placanica or the triptych by Ilario Principe: Costumi popolari di Calabria, Carte geografiche, Paesaggi e Vedute, in the Zerbi Collection).

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R. V.
Francesco Petrarca, Rerum Vulgarium Fragmenta,
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 Our Australia                        Roma l'arte al centro del potere

 Ivor Matanie, Our Australia                            Roma L'arte nel centro del potere                     


Ai Fieri Calabresi, (To the proud Calabrians, Europe in Calabria), (by Augusto Placanica) Fine edition

AM international Fund                                

Publishing activity

The publishing activity of AM international, born as a natural inclination of the printing of auxiliary material for the museum activity, develops systematically thanks to the cultural contribution and the collaboration of eminent researchers, historians, men of letters, until it assumes an editorial line characterized by publications of essays also in the scientific and philosophical field, as well as exhibition catalogues and, since 1993, by the publication and diffusion of the quarterly periodical artfolio. 

Specifically, the library contains books of its own production (art catalogues, writings on emigration, studies conducted by Professor A. Brissoni, research on Tommaso Martini, etc.), volumes received as gifts from authors (mainly art catalogues but also books on poetry, literature and local culture), illustrated books, artists' books, brochures on verbal-visual research, a vast newspaper and periodicals library and other multimedia resources and various encyclopaedias.

Geografia dell'anima

Leonardo Da Vinci


Rosario Olivo donation

Over time, the Library has been greatly enriched by Rosario Olivo's donation of novels and poetry books by local authors, numerous volumes on socialism and its history in Italy, textbooks on various subjects, books on Calabria, pamphlets, almanacs and collections published by the Region of Calabria.


Il Giardino di Abelardo                      Iscrizioni sidern

Calabria lontana



B. J. Hickey Fund 

The Library of the "Bernard J. Hickey Fund (1931-2007), of literary area of the Commonwealth Countries, was actually born in 2007 as a post-mortem bequest of volumes from the personal library of Professor Bernard J. Hickey, holder of the chair of English and Australian literature at the University of Lecce. The collection, inaugurated (in the presence of the Australian Ambassador to Italy, the professor's heirs and his brother Frank) on 19 March 2008, is housed in the conference room that formerly housed the Centre for the Study of the Italian Diaspora, on the first floor of the building, conceived and designed by Bernard Hickey and Angelina Melia, in collaboration with the University of Lecce and E.A.S.A (European Association for Australian Studies). The Library specialises in English Literature, focusing mainly on an accurate and personal collection that privileges the subjects and interests of Professor B. J. Hickey who dedicated his life to the study and dissemination of 'Australian culture'. The Library, because of the peculiarity of its collection, is a point of reference for users, scholars and undergraduates who carry out research on subjects related to English literature and policies concerning the phenomenon of emigration.         

The Library Fund is housed in the conference room that formerly housed the Diaspora Studies Centre, on the first floor of the building.

The 'Fund' is not only vast but also varied, including ancient and modern encyclopaedias, novels and books of poetry by ancient and contemporary authors, various volumes on Australian (and minority) geography, history and culture, as well as world geography and history. There are also valuable limited editions that add value to a valuable collection, which also includes various typescripts and dissertations of the professor's students.

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The New Oxford Companion to Music, Volume 1, A - J - Arnold Denis

The New Oxford Companion to Music, Volume 1, A - J - Arnold Denis 

The Complete Works Illustrated - Wilde Oscar2

The Complete Works Illustrated - Wilde Oscar2