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Permanent collection

In 1995 AM international was recognised by the Regional Law n. 30/95 and, in the same year, it launched UTOPIE "Exhibition in Progress" which allows, due to its characteristic of temporal continuity, to enrich and keep constantly updated the Collection of paintings and sculptures, including graphics and photography, and to permanently exhibit (through rotating displays) works by qualified artists and young emerging authors.

In 2008, the Permanent Collection was transferred to the Elio Furina Foundation. 

Created thanks to the passion, tenacity and commitment of the "founder" Angelina Melia, but also thanks to the generosity of many artists, the MacAM Museum Collection includes works, arranged according to various segments and thematic or chronological criteria, or by geographical area according to origin). 

In the course of its activity, AM international has realised other Collections of works given to the Cities or Entities that are partners in the projects.

Various international testimonies have contributed to the increase of the various collections thanks to the development of an on-site production determined by the exchange programme of "Artists in residence" that AM international conducts continuously with foreign partner organisations and countries. This method of acquisition has made it possible, over time, to increase and update a set of works that are attentive to the most diverse artistic research practised in recent years.

In addition to the particular importance of the FEF Collection endowed by the deed of incorporation to the Fondazione per l'arte - Fondazione Elio Furina, which consists of 250 works of art including paintings, sculptures, engravings, silk-screen prints, photography, etc., forming a nucleus of works in which the research of emerging artists dialogues with that produced by some of the most significant Italian and foreign artists, the collection donated to the City of Bayswater (W. Australia) is equally interesting. This collection was created as a result of the intense exchange of "artists in residence" between Calabria and Australia, as well as the collection donated to the Pinacoteca Comunale "Francesco Cozza" di Stilo. 

Selections of works from the various collections are exhibited in the rooms of the Museum in rotation.



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    disco big copia                                                                                                                                            Tommaso Martini, Ultima cena                             
The Big Disk  Tommaso Martini (1690?-1755)  
Graphic contributions      -      Terracotta formsPhotographic exhibition of works signed and dated, assigned or of shared attribution  

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We accompany you along a path of various themes and personal languages of many artists through the GALLERY of a short selection of works. 

                                                                                           L'arte è cosa nostra                                                                                                                                                                                            

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